According to Enterprise, more than one-third of U.S. drivers say they drive an average of 3-4 places per day, but what happens when you get in an accident and your car is in the shop? 

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day and this leaves thousands without access to their own vehicle for an average of two weeks (Enterprise). Whether your car is in need of bumper repairs, ADAS calibration, detailing services, restoration, or paintless dent repair, these services can take your car out of commission for several days or even weeks. This is why rental cars and having access to rental cars is so important for drivers who have been in an accident. But what happens and where do you go when there is a rental car shortage?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many rental car companies sold a majority of their fleet to compensate for the lack of travelers in 2020 and early 2021. According to the Washington Post, major rental car operators sold off 770,000 cars in 2020 due to the crushing nature of the pandemic and its effects on travel. But after the vaccines rolled out and people began to resume their cross country travels, there was a noticeable shortage in available rental cars and prices had skyrocketed. 

Experts said the key to ensuring you had an available rental car for your vacation was to plan and reserve your car ahead of time. However, unlike making travel arrangements, you never plan to get into an auto collision which may make it more difficult to secure a rental car when you need one at a price you can afford (Source: New York Times). 

After an accident, you don’t want to worry about where you’ll find a rental car or how even to start that process, but it is necessary. The team at Absolute Collision understands the stress you are under and is committed to getting you back on the road faster, even in a rental car. 

How Absolute Collision Can Help After an Accident

One of the many services offered by Absolute Collision is rental car services. Absolute Collision operates with a team of preferred vendors and can help you find a rental car that fits your needs and your budget after an accident. 

Having a team that you can trust to get you back on the road in a safe and reliable car after an accident is invaluable, especially in the current climate of rental car shortages. Many people do not have experience finding a rental car and do not know the processes or the right questions to ask, and we can help with that, too. 

There are four key steps to obtaining a rental car after an accident. The first is to talk with your insurance company and determine who is paying. The second is to reserve your rental car for the day your car is taken to the shop up unitl the day the repairs are expected to be completed. 

If your car is unsafe to drive and you are in need of towing services, give our team a call and let us help connect you with our preferred towing vendors. 

The third step to obtaining a rental car is to stay in constant communication with the collision repair company, the insurance company and the rental car company. Sometimes repairs can take longer than expected and it’s important to communicate extensions for your rental car and make sure that all costs are covered. Finally, it’s time to return your rental car and pick up your repaired vehicle. 

Absolute Collision offers our clients a complimentary ride to or from our shop when dropping off or picking up your vehicle from within the local area. Call our team for more information about this service. 

After an accident, there is a lot to think about and securing a rental car is near the top of the priority list. Our teams are trained and equipped to help you navigate these decisions and get you back on the road faster.