Spring has sprung and the team at Absolute Collision is counting down the days until North Carolina is in full bloom. We’re ready for the warm spring breeze and the blooming flowers— but not so ready for the pollen.  

As we anticipate spring’s arrival, we thought we’d share six spring cleaning tips to help give you a fresh start this season. 

  1. Before pollen graces us with its dusty, yellow presence, roll down your windows and cruise through your favorite parts of town. Let the breeze blow in your face and take it all in. 
  1. Go on an adventure to a local greenhouse or nursery find an indoor plant. Plants release oxygen into the air and can be good for your health. But be aware if you have severe allergies, they could do more harm than good. 
  1. Make a car detailing appointment with the team at Absolute Collision. Whether you’re looking for interior detailing services or exterior detailing services, our team can make your car seem like new this spring. It’s the fresh start you didn’t know you needed. 
  1. Block off some time on your calendar for laundry day. Wash all of your bed linens, your curtains and any blankets that you have around the house. This can help to get rid of any dust, pet dander or allergens that have been clinging to the material and polluting your air quality. 
  1. Restock and check on your car emergency kit! Include a blanket, flashlight, water bottle, jumper cables, energy bars, a multipurpose tool, and a first aid kit. Spring is the perfect time to reset and make sure you are prepared for what this year will bring.  
  1. Purge your closet and your car! It’s astounding the things you can accumulate in your car— toss any old trash, extra napkins, clean out the toys in the back seat and reorganize your glove compartment so you know exactly where everything is. You’ll breathe easier after you do. 

These spring cleaning tips will help to give you a breath of fresh air this spring and remember, Absolute Collision is here to get you back on the road faster.