You run into the grocery store to get what you’ll need to cook for the week, just like you do every week. You stroll the aisles, picking out your family’s favorites and eventually make your way to the checkout line and head out the door. As you get to your car and are going to open the trunk, you realize there’s a dent on the side of the car that wasn’t there before you went into the store. 

The car that was beside you is now gone, no note, no one nervously standing nearby. You load your groceries in the car and immediately start to think about what to do next. 

If you do find yourself in this situation where someone has hit your parked car, here are 4 things you should do. 

  1. Call the Police

It’s important to call the police and have a written report about what happened. Give the authorities the details of what happened, note that the other party is not around and then ask for a copy of the report to submit when filing a claim with your insurance company. 

  1. Take Photos and Notes

It’s important to take as many photos of the damage as you can in the setting the accident happened. Close-up shots, wide angles, pictures from every direction— this will help to give the insurance agency as well as the auto body repair shop, a good look at the damage. Additionally, it’s important to write down any details you can think of, as time goes on you may forget an important detail if you don’t first write it down. 

  1. Call The Insurance Company 

After you’ve called the police, taken photos, and recounted all the details, it’s time to call your insurance company to tell them about the accident. It’s important to do this right away so that the details are fresh in your mind and so that you can get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. 

  1. Call an Auto Body Repair Shop

Your insurance company may have a list of direct repair providers that they recommend to repair your vehicle, but it is up to you whether or not you work with those companies. Absolute Collision is a DRP for most major insurance companies in the area and we hope that you’ll choose to work with us! At Absolute Collision, you can send in pictures of the damaged vehicle for a contactless estimate or schedule an appointment with our team. Our team will assess the damage and provide a quote and detailed scope of work so that we can get you back on the road faster. 

Finding that your parked car has been hit is never a situation that anyone wants to find themselves in, however, it happens. But when it does, it’s important to know what to do and who to call. 

Absolute Collision offers a wide array of services including fender repairs, paintless dent repair, frame repair, body repair and more. You can make your appointment with the team at Absolute Collision online or by calling 828-382-8000.