Absolute Collision is your trusted auto collision repair shop to help get you back on the road faster after an accident. Our expert team of auto repair mechanics can help restore your car to like-new condition after you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident. 

Our teams specialize in collision repair, body repair, glass replacement, frame repair, ADAS Diagnostic Scanning and Calibration and a variety of other services so that after an accident you can trust Absolute Collision as your auto repair provider. 

If the accident caused damage to your car’s paint, Absolute Collision’s auto body paint services will be just what you need.  Our collision repair technicians are trained to spray, mix and tint all vehicle colors. Absolute Collision can handle any auto repair job from the simple fender to a complete all over repair and paint job.

Our team of skilled auto body painters has received rave reviews from satisfied clients. Reviews like this one,

This place is top-notch. I have a Lexus with white pearl paint. If you know about pearl paint, it’s very hard to match. When I took it here with the previous owner, it took a second time to match the paint. This time under new ownership, the paint job was flawless and matched perfectly. They had me in and out in a couple of days. The car was returned to me washed and wiped and vacuumed on top of that. That’s true service. You will have my and my family’s business for life. Thank you, James, Donna, and Rob for a superb experience from start to finish.

No matter your type of car or the color of your car, our team can spray, mix and tint all vehicle colors. 

After a paint job, our team is often asked if there are any extra precautions that need to be taken. To this, we tell our clients that in order to maintain the integrity of the paint, we recommend not using a commercial car wash with the industrial brushes and not waxing the vehicle for approximately 9 months. 

If you’d like to learn more about Absolute Collision’s auto body paint services, you can give our team a call or send us a picture of your vehicle for a contactless estimate