Each year April is recognized as Earth Month and this year, Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22nd. During this time, people, organizations and businesses come together to promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly choices. As we recognize Earth Month, we want to acknowledge a few of the ways that Absolute Collision steers our community toward sustainability. 

According to the EPA, a typical passenger vehicle emits nearly 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year and this can vary based on the type of vehicle and how many miles are driven each year. The cars we drive do play a large part in our carbon footprint, and at Absolute Collision we are working to find environmentally-friendly solutions to help get you back on the road faster. 

Electronic Solutions

Not only is it convenient to store all paperwork electronically, but it’s also an environmentally-friendly solution that we can implement in both of our Forest City and Shelby locations. Through contactless estimates, online booking capabilities and electronic paperwork we are doing our part to go green. 

Recycling Solutions

As an auto-body collision repair center, we accumulate plenty of aluminum and batteries from cars that need repairs or replacements. Absolute Collision is able to recycle the majority of the aluminum and batters that we do collect from these repairs. This is another way that we are able to help the environment without compromising on the quality of service that we deliver. 

Paint Solutions

One of the services offered at Absolute Collision is auto body paint. Our technicians are trained to handle a simple fender fix to a complete all-over paint and repair job. Sherwin Williams’ Ultra 9K Waterborne Paint is designed for wet-on-wet application which not only provides excellent coverage but also helps the environment by using less paint and creating fewer emissions. “Ultra 9K’s eco-stance is further complemented by an assortment of high-performance low VOC undercoats and clears.” Absolute Collision is committed to choosing products that are doing the most good for our environment while still providing the excellent quality that our customers expect. 

Fluid Solutions

Whether it is antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid or power steering fluid, our teams are able to recycle the majority of the fluids that we use. Recycling used oil and other vehicle fluids keeps it from polluting the soil and water. Motor oil for instance does not wear out but simply gets dirty. By recycling these materials we are able to use less energy and save on a valuable resource.