Our mission at Absolute Collision is to get you back on the road faster, and that includes keeping you safe on the road during busy travel times. 

As the summer winds down and our schedules fill with school schedules and business operations are in full swing, many people are looking to Labor Day as one last opportunity to enjoy the sweet summer season. If you’re hitting the road for a road trip to the beach or mountains this Labor Day, we hope that you follow these defensive driving safety tips. 

  1. Safety First

Stay focused and stay alert when you get behind the wheel of a car, especially over a holiday weekend. More than 47.7 million Americans traveled over the Fourth of July this year, and many will again pack their bags for this holiday weekend. Make sure that all passengers in your car have buckled their seat belts and keep the doors locked to protect you from being ejected from the vehicle in case of an accident. 

  1. Slow Down

Your vacation will still be there when you arrive—there’s no need to speed! Not only do you not want to start off your vacation with a speeding ticket, but you also don’t want to start it off with an accident. A big part of driving defensively is to drive safely and watch your speed as your cruising down the road. If road conditions become hazardous, be sure to adjust your speed accordingly. 

  1. Watch Out For The Other Guy

You can’t know for sure what other drivers are thinking, so it’s always best to watch out for the other guy when you’re on the road. Double-check that no one is coming as you go through an intersection, don’t assume that driver will stop at the red light and don’t assume that driver beside you sees you in their mirrors— be safe and be alert. 

  1. Follow the 3-4 Second Rule

The greatest chance of a collision happening is right in front of you, so maintain a distance of 3-4 seconds behind the cars in front of you for optimal safety. Note that this rule of thumb may need to be changed depending on weather conditions. If it’s pouring rain, the roads will be slick and you’ll need to increase the distance between you and the cars in front of you. 

  1. Remove Distractions

On long road trips it can be tempting to fill your time with the radio blaring, snacks overflowing and energy drinks pouring, but these can all be dangerous distractions to you and others on the road. Make sure to refuel yourself and your car before a road trip, preset your playlists at an appropriate volume and stay focused on the road ahead. 

No matter how safely you drive, accidents happen. If you are looking for an auto repair provider, give our team a call. Our team is equipped to handle an extensive list of auto repair services and will get you back on the road faster.