Summer is here! This is the time of year to cruise around town with your windows down, sunroof open and radio blaring, enjoying the simplicities of life. It’s also a great time of year to go on cross country road trips with friends and family. 

Maybe you’re heading out west to see the Grand Canyon or Zion National Park or maybe you’re headed down to the Florida Keys to soak up some sun, either way you’ll need your car to be ready to hit the road. 

Before you put the miles on your car cruising around town or across the country, make sure your car is ready for the summer heat by checking off these 5 essential summer safety measures. 

  1. Check Your Battery

According to one of the Directors of Automotive Services for AAA, the number one cause of battery failure and a reduced battery life is heat. As the summer temperatures continue to increase, it’s important to check on your battery and make sure that it can get you where you need to go. Heat can cause the battery fluid to evaporate which then results in corrosion, a shortened life span and a shorter than expected road trip. 

  1. Check Your Fluid Levels

Just like it’s important for you to stay hydrated under the grueling summer sun, it’s important for your car to have plenty of fluids as well. Ask your mechanic to inspect the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and event the windshield wiper fluid. The National Institute for Automotive Excellence says that overheating is the number one cause of breakdowns during the summer months which is why it’s so important to check all of the fluid levels. 

  1. Check Your AC

You may think it’s no big deal if your AC falters in the middle of the summer, you’ll just roll down your windows. Besides the obvious rebuttal of what if it’s raining, there are other reasons why you should still have your AC inspected if it’s not cooling your car down like it should. This could be an indicator of more severe problems going on underneath the hood—it’s best to have it checked right away. 

  1. Check Your Breaks

This one is an essential as there are few things more important than strong brakes in your car. After an icy winter, it’s important to make sure that your brakes can fully stop your car when you need them too, like when you’re about to pass by a beautiful landmark on your summer road trip! 

  1. Check Your Trunk

Last but not least, it’s important to check your trunk and have everything you might need in case of an emergency. We recommend a pair of jumper cables, a blanket, a flashlight, some bottled water and maybe even a jacket and some snacks. You never know what you might need in case of an emergency! 
Wherever you’re going this summer, Absolute Collision can help get you back on the road faster. Our services include interior repair, glass replacement, auto body paint, restorations, bumper repair and so much more. If your car needs some work before you hit the road, give our team a call today!